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The Gurugram-based venture 1mg is India’s largest online medicine selling company. While all state governments enforce a directive prohibiting the sales of medicines online, the platform still managed to register a growth of 180%. If you’re an entrepreneur with a revolutionary health product, 1mg is a great platform for you to share your innovation with the world in return for a great profit. Amazure Solutions help you get approved on this platform and start selling your medicines online with our 1mg product listing services. When you work with us, you are bound to get success with your eCommerce business.

Start Selling on 1mg With Our 1mg Onboarding Services

We have a dedicated workforce to help you set up an account on the 1mg platform and get it approved on your behalf for product listings. Our experts precisely fill the application form to project a good image of your brand on the platform.

1mg Product Listing Services

We also research for keywords that your ideal buyers and searching with on the 1mg platform. After that, we optimize your listings with these keywords. In this way, your listings start ranking higher in the organic search and gain more visibility.

Market Research

We also have a team of experts to conduct market research and gain insights into the best practices of your rivals. This allows you to always stay ahead of your competitors in the eCommerce warfare.

Conversion Optimization

We have a professional team of copywriters who write persuasive and catchy titles as well as descriptions for your product listings. This captivates a visitor to click on your listings and eventually make a purchase from you.

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1mg Account Management Service

Have the Perfect Store on 1mg with Our 1mg Onboarding Services


As the government has adopted numerous strict laws for the selling of medicines online, it is extremely hard to get approval on the 1mg platform. However, with our services, you don't have to worry about it. We've been in this service for a long time and know-how to get your brand approved for listings on the platform.


Our experts research deeply about your product and understand its features and benefits to make a description out of it. We also source high-quality and crisp images of your product. Using all this data, we list your product on the platform and optimize it with keywords.


As we know that every medicines have detail information. We put every useful information while we upload each medicine on 1mg. We try to add proper information as per the norms of 1mg so that you will get correct information about each medicine listing we upload.


image play an important role in sales. With catchy and informative product images, you can win a user's trust and increase your sales. We provide product image editing services for healthcare products. in which we change the background, resize them, and improve the visibility of your healthcare product images.


Once you start getting sales for your products, we help you to analyze critical data such as profit and revenue margins easily. This allows you to keep a track of your stock, know when to source more products and keep your business running smoothly.


In addition to organic optimization of your listings, we also promote your brand and products on 1mg. This help you to gain visibility among a targeted group of people interested in purchasing a product like yours.



Amazure Solutions has a great experience in making people successful in eCommerce through product listing services. With our result-oriented plans and expert guidance, the process becomes more streamlined for you. So, make sure that you contact us right away.

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